Because of Pugs

It was through one of Paul DeVries' special loves that I met Paul and Emily in Philadelphia in 1969 — Pug Dogs.

We were living across the Street from one another while Paul was attending the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and I was attending Temple University. I had three Pugs who regularly sat out on the front steps with me, unleashed, soaking up the sun, and watching everyone in the neighborhood. I walked them frequently, as well, and they soon caught Paul's eye.

He came over and introduced himself to me and told me he just could not stay away any longer, that he HAD to meet these Pugs, and went on to lavish much love and affection on them. He then excused himself, and immediately came back with Emily. That was the beginning of the greatest friendship I've ever known, that between Emily and me, and it was all because of Paul's love of Pugs.

Emily and Sam, the Pug

In time, when a litter of Pug Puppies was born, Paul and Emily were right there, active participants in the care of the newborn pups. They held towels in their laps and dried off the pups after they were born, placing them in a basket with a heating pad. They would come over after Paul's classes and would content themselves to sit with a cup of coffee while watching and playing with the pups. It did not surprise me at all that they soon took home one of the cutest ones of all, little Sammy. And Sammy was worshipped — as all of their animals were.

Paul's warm love of Pugs, his caring, tender feelings for helpless baby animals, translated to his compassion for all things fragile, all things beautiful, all things threatened. Paul was a very gentle soul. He was exceedingly kind, he was endlessly patient, he was generous and smart. He exuded calmness, and was a soothing presence at all times. I always felt that nothing could harm me when I was around Paul — he gave off an aura of confidence and peace.


The world is a lesser place without Paul and Emily, and I feel their loss deeply, almost beyond words. I am unable to attend today, but please know that I am with you all in loving remembrance of Paul and in loving remembrance of Emily.

All my love, Judy Glanville