He was an Incredible Man

I was very close with dad. He was an incredible man, a very supportive father, and I loved him so much. I know that without a doubt I would not be doing what I now do without his constant support for my music. From the moment I first picked up a guitar till his final days, he loved that I was in a band and traveled the world. He also loved to tell all sorts of people what I did for a living.

Paul the Lieutenant

This past Thanksgiving he even invited all of my band Fear Factory (and crew) over for an incredible Thanksgiving dinner. We parked our tour bus at the Greenville and spent the day at Dad's eating, drinking, watching football, and talking about life. I could tell he was so happy that day.

Stages of Life

Another great memory that comes to mind from my childhood is when he took me to work a couple times. I had so much fun in the office (go figure). He would make me coffee.... well, what I thought was coffee. It was mostly milk, sugar, and maybe a drop of coffee. But it made me feel special to drink coffee with Dad. I spent most of my time there making copies on the copy machine of everything I could find. I guess I was easily amused as a child.

Emily and Paul

I miss you Dad.